Jun 26, 2009

My New Pro Ace Sweetspot 1000 - Black

At last, after waiting for so long .. I bought new badminton racket. I got advise from Nazlee on what type and racket brand. He had knowledge! It's really worth even I have to pay more ( my earlier plan to get cheaper Yonex racket but already burst budget by 38% ha..ha..ha..)

Why I choose Pro ACE?

PRO ACE adopt the hi-tech "STRAFIL PREPREG" graphite material, which is used for missile, to manufacture PRO ACE rackets. It provides PRO ACE rackets the best basic assurance.

A. Instead of applying the ordinary Air Blow method in manufacturing rackets which leads to weak frame, PRO ACE selects the unique D.M.S. technology. This kind of technology can control equal frame precisely by pressures during molding to greatly intensify the frame. The D.M.S. technology also allows rackets have good balance, durability, the largest Sweet Spot, the lowest torque and become more powerful.

B. PRO ACE manufactures rackets' shaft by the same way of manufacturing Golf Graphite Shaft and can accurately control shafts' quality. Moreover, PRO ACE applies Two-stage method for combining rackets' frame and therefore, its quality is matchless.

PRO ACE GROUP owns the world top players who have been successively innovating and testing the rackets. Nowadays, PRO ACE GROUP has established a factory in Vietnam. Combining the sufficient labors there, strictly management and very delicate craftsmanship, every racket produced from PRO ACE reaches the superior quality and is always perfect.
Due to the features of Material, Technology, R&D, Craftsmanship, PRO ACE has developed "SWING POWER" racket in 1997 and it is ultra light with only 80g (unstrung) but is stronger than any other rackets with 92g. It offers players Maximum Maneuverability, Fast Swing Speed and Maximum Smash in the meantime.

The Above-Mentioned Features Have Made PRO ACE Rackets Become The World Best One And The Most Reliable One.

The Frame of SWEET SPOT series is 246.1mm. It is the longest frame than any other rackets of Isometric series from Yonex and this longest frame can form a maximum Sweet Spot. The larger Sweet Spot allows players to focus more on their technique and angling their high-speed smashes. Moreover, they have perfect performance even in your mis-hit. The series present excellent situation no matter in flexibility, stability, defensive or offensive playing.

aku sebenarnya bukan pandai sangat main badminton ni.. raket jer canggih.. sssshh!!!.. jgn bgtau sesaper kang kena gelak jer....

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